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Experienced strategy consultants providing critical research, analysis and market–based advisory services to private equity investors and their portfolio companies.

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What We Do

We help private equity investors better understand the industries, markets, and companies they are investing in to drive informed decision making about the investment opportunity - by building fact bases of data and insights directly from the market during deal diligence. We have advised on hundreds of PE deals in most industries.


We advise PE-owned companies on growth strategy, market testing new products, and assessing new sales channels or regional markets. We provide strategic thinking about their market opportunities without preconceived notions – an unbiased, independent view supported by hard data and insights directly from the market. 

We provide a cost-competitive solution and excellent value proposition relative to mainstream strategy consulting firms, enabled by the strength of our team and singular focus on private equity.

Private Equity

  • Buy-side market diligence

  • Sell-side market diligence

  • Industry assessments

  • Acquisition screens

  • Add-on acquisitions

  • Growth opportunity assessments / growth strategy

  • Voice of the customer studies

  • Competitor intelligence

  • Market testing new products

  • Assessing regional and international markets

  • Diagnosing root causes of lagging sales

PE-Owned Companies

Our Services

Why Work With Bantry Partners

Private Equity Focused

Our singular focus is on serving PE investors and their portfolio companies. Our founders have been working in the private equity industry since the mid-2000s and have advised on 500+ PE transactions.

Rapid Timeframes

From our years of doing PE transaction diligence, we know how to move fast while never compromising on quality. Similarly, our corporate strategy engagements are usually measured in weeks, not months.

Broad Industry Expertise

Our experience encompasses every sector of the economy – from software to industrials, construction to healthcare, and manufacturing to business services. We work in the industries our clients are investing in.

Punch Above Our Weight

We provide high caliber work, comparable to any big brand strategy consulting firm in quality, breadth, and timeliness - but at a cost affordable to middle market PE investors and companies.

Excel in Niche Industries 

We excel at helping our clients “go deep” on niche, poorly understood industries and markets where little published data exists, using primary research to build proprietary data to answer our clients' questions.

Superior Client Service

Unlike the big strategy consulting firms, Bantry Partner's leadership are intimately involved in projects day to day. Our MDs don’t delegate projects to mid and junior staff – they like being hands on!

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