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Our Services

Bantry Partners provides market diligence services to private equity investors for transaction support and growth strategy consulting for PE-owned companies.

Private Equity Services

Buy-Side Diligence

Comprehensive market assessment with market sizing, growth forecasting, demand drivers analysis, and competitive analysis. We conduct extensive primary research with buyers in the target market.  We provide market diligence for pre- and post-LOI stages of deals in rapid timeframes across a wide range of industries.

Sell-Side Diligence

To support sale processes for our PE clients and their portfolio companies, Bantry provides a comprehensive, objective analysis of the company’s market opportunity, growth outlook, competitive dynamics and positioning, and other elements of the fact base to share with potential investors during their diligence process.  

Portfolio Company Services

New Product Evaluation

Primary research with the target audience to quantify the likelihood of buying a new product / service by gauging market interest to forecast sales potential at various price-points, and to quantify ROI for the potential new product(s).

Assessing Growth Strategies

We can generate the hard market data and insights that are needed to assess growth opportunities - new products, verticals, geographies, sales channels etc. - and develop / refine the growth strategy and action plan, including business case/ ROI analysis.

Diagnosing Lagging Sales

Diagnosing the root causes of under-performing sales of product lines or business units using extensive market, competitor and customer research combined with forensic analysis of company sales and customer data; the goal is to set priorities for corrective action.

Expanding Geographic Footprint

Advising geographically-focused companies (e.g., building product distributors, home service providers, local healthcare providers) on their opportunities in existing and new cities, states or MSA-level markets using geographically targeted research and analysis. 

Voice of Customer Studies

Introduced direct outreach to customers in order to gain in-depth feedback on company performance (KPIs), decision making, continued usage / forecasted spend, competitive positioning, receptivity to new services / products / concepts, competitive benchmarking, etc. 

Competitor Intelligence

Gathering insights and hard data on current dynamics among key players in the competitive landscape using published research and our own primary research with industry experts and key constituents.

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